Jim Carlson Leasing Co
7380 Washington Ave S
Eden PrairieMN 55344
Auto Sales and Leasing since 1980

Affordable car leasing in Eden Prairie, MN.

Jim Carlson Leasing Co helps get you in the driver's seat with affordable car leasing in Eden Prairie, MN.

At Jim Carlson Leasing Co, we have been leasing and selling cars for over 25 years.  Our car dealership offers competitive rates and flexible and affordable leasing options on a number of new and previously owned cars.  As an independent car dealer, we are able to adjust our lease terms to fit the needs of the customer, from short term leases only a few months long to protracted durations over 3 years.  Whether you are a corporation looking to lease a fleet of cars or an individual who wants a reliable car to lease for personal use, you won't find a better deal on car leasing in Eden Prairie

For questions on financing and car rentals, call (952) 941-9199.

We opened our Car Leasing in 1980.

We are located at 7380 Washington Ave SEden Prairie, MN.

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Jim Carlson Leasing Co
7380 Washington Ave S
Eden PrairieMN 55344

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